R4BIA #SaveEgypt #PrayForEgypt

It’s really disappointing how people don’t even care about what is going on in Egypt but they shake the whole world when a cat dies because of a human. Muslim-Christian-Jew-Atheist it does not matter what you believe people are dying in Egypt CHILDREN are dying teenagers are dying mothers are dying sons are dying and eveyone is only watching and watching and watching…….. I am not saying that take a gun join protests but for God’s sake do not watch this butchery even one word means a lot at this moment. Please.

*Simbol 4 jari untuk menunjuk icon Rabi’ah (dalam bahasa Arab, Rabi’ah/arba’ah = Empat). Rab’ah (angka 4) dijadikan sebagai Simbol Keteguhan dann Perlawanan untuk seluruh dunia yang mencintai kebebasan. #R4BIA


R4BIA #SaveEgypt #PrayForEgypt

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